The Brothers Path

The Protestant Reformation enters the Schneebeli home when Rudolf Schneebeli is born two months early and dies a few minutes later without being baptized.

The Brothers’ Path, set in Affoltern am Albis, a Swiss village near Zürich, between 1524 and 1531 chronicles the lives of the six Schneebeli brothers, Heinrich, Hannes, Peter, Conrad, Thomann and Andreas. Each brother navigates his own path through, around or directly into the deadly drama of Huldrych Zwingli’s reformation.

Though actual historical figures feature in The Brothers Path, the novel is about the Schneebelis, “ordinary” people, whose beliefs are shaken and whose lives are threatened by the rapid, cataclysmic, changes.


The Brothers Path is a loose sequel to Savior. It tells of the experiences of Rudolf von Lunkhofen’s descendants. It is the second book of a trilogy, Across the World on the Wings of the World, that is completed by The Price.

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