Wonderful Review of The Brothers Path by Tracy Rail

…”Ms Kennedy proves a fine storyteller and I was engaged right from the start and carried along by the drama.  It is claimed by historians that the Protestant Reformation shaped modern day Europe, helping to draw the boundaries of each nation state, as powerful forces coalesced around their preferred new religious leader, and thus theirContinue reading “Wonderful Review of The Brothers Path by Tracy Rail”

Martin of Gfenn — An Artist’s Story

Martin of Gfenn BY MARTHA KENNEDY Find & buy on Amazon In Martha Kennedy’s quiet, intensely moving novel Martin of Gfenn, the title character is given at a young age by his father to the Augustine Canons of St. Martin in thirteenth-century Zurich. The boy quickly demonstrates a talent for art, which the Augustinians encourageContinue reading “Martin of Gfenn — An Artist’s Story”