Illustrations for An Alphabet of Place: The Little Snake River Valley by Sharon Salisbury O’Toole

Sharon O’Toole, a Wyoming rancher, recently asked me to illustrate her book, An Alphabet of Place; the Little Snake River Valley. I ended up doing 30 ink drawings and designing the book. It was a lot of fun. It’s a very beautiful small volume and we’re both proud of it. From the introduction “An AlphabetContinue reading “Illustrations for An Alphabet of Place: The Little Snake River Valley by Sharon Salisbury O’Toole”

Now an Award-Winning Book!!!!

What started here on WordPress as a blog, is now an award-winning memoir. One reader said, “I started reading your book today. Martha—I love it…If ever there was a love story—this is it.” It is a love story. Another reader says, “Ms. Kennedy’s narratives are rich with sensory descriptions and heart-warming adventures. Anyone who loves hiking andContinue reading “Now an Award-Winning Book!!!!”

Good News for Martin of Gfenn!

CHAUCER BOOK AWARDS 2017 Short Listers for Historical Fiction pre-1750s This is the Official Semi-Finalists List of the Authors and Titles of Works that have been SHORT-LISTED for the Chaucer 2017 Book Awards. These titles will now compete for the First In Category positions. The Chaucer Awards FIRST IN CATEGORY sub-genres  are:  Pre-Historical Fiction, Ancient HistoricalContinue reading “Good News for Martin of Gfenn!”