Finding Refuge

Voila! The little book about being in the back of beyond for the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard here and there, is published. It’s titled Finding Refuge and it’s available here: Amazon

As I put it together with some intention, I saw that it relates an interesting journey into determined optimism. It was impossible to avoid politics completely, but there is very little in the book. At first I thought of doing drawings, but as it evolved I saw the photos were OK in black and white, and fit the content of the book. There is a whole very colorful world out here, but in 2020, some of life’s color really did drain away. 

This little story begins just before Covid 19 officially hit Colorado, after which I spent most of 2020 (and now) with my two dogs, Bear and Teddy. Bear (full name, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog) is a six year old Akbash Dog, a Turkish breed used for guarding livestock, and Teddy is a two year old mini-Australian shepherd. Our walks were mostly solitary, small journeys into several hundred acres of the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. Occasionally a friend would join us. The essays relate how the  companionship I found with that place, its animals, light, seasons, and emptiness, turned the strange and scary months into one of the most personally happy times of my life.

This is not a tourist guide or a suggestion that if you come to my remote valley you will experience what I have. Refuge isn’t a commodity centered on a particular location on a map. You could come out here, walk our little walk and find nothing there. Refuge is something each of us must uncover in our own way in our own world. I’m very grateful that I could.

Published by Martha Kennedy

Martha Kennedy is a writer and a painter, though as a painter she uses her full name, Martha Ann Kennedy. You can learn all about her work on her blogs. She lives in a small town in the remote San Luis Valley of Colorado. For more than 30 years she taught writing at the college and university level in the San Diego area. She is a Colorado native.

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